The Toxic Binary


This artwork is a comment on the toxic binary which exists between male and female attributes. The difference in how men and women are supposed to behave, dress, and talk, conventionally. The pot represents our conditioning since birth. The face split into two, is both, a male (on the left) and a female face (on the right) and the crack between the two shows this division created by society. The bandages on the eyes represent ignorance (either conscious or unconscious) that people portray in daily life. The single eye on top represents the one-sided perspective formed due to this distinction. Overall, the artwork emphasises the difference between sex and gender and shows that what you are born with does not mean it is what you identify with. It also promotes gender fluidity and negates the idea of gender roles.

This artwork has been contributed by Urvija Agrawal who is a liberal arts student at O. P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana. 



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