Female Criminality

This paper talks about those women who have been tied down due to their relationships and the norms that govern it. The movie Thelma and Louise inspires us to be free and break from these shackles.





What drives a woman to commit a crime?


her desire for freedom does.


A woman to a man- let me work! Please


She wanted to work with all her heart, she wanted to go, she wanted to have fun and live her life but he stopped her.


He can trap her, chain her- she will run


Stop her, shame her- she will breathe


Why does he even try?


Let her go into the wild, into the dark, let the wild animals meet her, let her swim in the wind of the forest, let her die of starvation, let her heartbeat.


In Thelma and Louise, both the characters were completely free, when they started their journey. They knew they could be anyone, or be who they really were. Fear did not rule them and they were everything they always wanted to be. Once women get what they want and they become who they are you cannot stop them from anything.


Girls can laugh, and when they do, they forget everything.


They laugh at their miseries and at life.


This movie is the depiction of the power of women. No one must think less of women and they shouldn’t get the better of them because they are men and they think they are stronger. Men feel the need to make the last and final decisions and rule to keep their masculinity intact. Whereas, a woman must always be the caring one.


I want candy daddy! Please buy me the pink candy daddy.




But that’s what I want, the child told her dad when she was 3.


Now she’s 23, she thought she could buy candy whenever she wants.


I want candy, let’s buy candy


No! -This was her husband.


Thelma did not have a reason to stay. She was burnt in her own house and was not allowed to breathe- even in the fresh air. Her husband had chained his desires around her throat and heart. She had left long ago, on her journey to heaven.


Mom, can you get me food, I’m hungry


Mom can you turn off the light, I want to sleep


Mom, can you oil my hair. Mom, can you press my head it hurts


He looks thin, you do give him food, don’t you?


Everyone expects women to care for themselves and others


Thelma and Louise inspire me enough to make me want to become like them. If becoming a criminal, is what it takes to get freedom, then, I am all ready to become one.


She makes me want to rip out of my skin and let my soul fly in the air as the grey ghost does,


It goes wherever it wants, it flies and swirls and twirls and laughs.


One has got to stop and think. Just pause, for a second. Look around and see where you are- ask yourself, am I truly here or do they want me here. If you confirm with the latter, you must leave. You must realize driving fast on the wrong side of the road is fatal. You will become numb, and the only way to get the blood to start flowing again is by changing your track. The framework set up by others is sharp, it can eat you with its blood-stained teeth and swallow the whole with that cherry on the top, happily.


Hollowness eats me up, hollowness follows me to live my life, hollowness of my heart, the hole in the world where we fit in and die.



Thelma and Louise ran for their life, they fought vigorously till the last drop of blood in their body.


That was the only way to get out.


Two wild animals, trapped in a man’s cave-


they both want out, they scratch the walls till their nails turn blood red, it’s broken now- their nails and their fingers with their body and soul.


They’re out


Her heart is pounding in her chest while her smile is shining in her eyes, she feels like she is rolling in honey and she can, at last, lick it all.


This rousing movie wants us to know that you can become whoever you want to be, even if it’s a criminal. Female criminals are not just born because women like to kill or rob, they have this drive inside them, a wild burning hot fire which makes them do things once it has burnt their bodies.


She was just born, she had come out of her cocoon for the first time. she did not know that there were insects who could eat her. She met one big insect once, she was overwhelmed and him her beautiful colors and skills. He was filled with lust and killed her to suck her bold, and rupture her heart.


Her blood was boiling, the red boil was hot enough to warm the cold in her heart which had made her body numb. She wanted to stop but every bubble from the boiling red liquid made her feel free. She couldn’t stop and pulled the trigger because she couldn’t live with a numb heart.


The left-over skeleton can do more than you can imagine. Flesh, skin, and color only come from association with people and the desire to be alike. Once you are exposed in the world and your skin comes out, what are you left with?


You are left with your soul. You must let your soul fit in with the breeze and you must let it fly with the wind and make noises with leaves. Only when you give everything up, you can do anything in the world. And once you’ve reached there, there is no way you can go back. Being in this place is as beautiful as it can get, the most beautiful place ever. With flowers, scent, light, laughs, excitement, and freedom. Thelma and Louise found this place, and they wouldn’t leave because they finally had nothing to fear about.


If it makes her free, it’s worth committing a crime for.


Sukirti Agarwal is a third-year law student at O. P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana.

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