You Never Come Out When I Ask You To

You make it look like you’re in all the way

You never refuse when I ask you to stay

It’s more than just a bond; it’s a connection so deep

I know that when we’re together I can peacefully sleep

Yet you become so different when we’re out of our room

I don’t like bringing it up, so I overthink and assume

But the things that I assume aren’t the usual things

I do not doubt your loyalty; I know you’re not into flings

You and me, we’ve been called names, but I’ve never really cared

There’re not many like me who’ve come out so bluntly, very few who’ve dared

My family disowned me, but it didn’t matter as I did it all for you

Oh, but it pains me so, when you don’t come out when I ask you to

[This post was contributed by Rahul Luthra, law student, Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat.]

Image Credits: National Museum of American History Smithsonian Photostream, Flickr.

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