I Want To Come Home




 As I woke up today

Thinking of taking my kids out to play

My feet stopped on its own

Because now I know the neighbourhood’s tone


I wonder what’s the new joke in town

Why does everyone frown?

They say that the blessings I give to a newborn are pure

And they kick me out when I try to find some monetary cure


I go around looking for a job

But they tell me to go back and twist the door’s knob

Enter the houses and dance, for that is what you must do

Because you are not capable of leading a few.


I wonder what is that the people seek

Is it really all about being on fleek?

You respect your sisters and your mothers

But do you fail to impress the others


I am different and that is my power

For you should know that I am no more abut but a flower

I won’t stand still and stay quiet

I am willing to stand up against you in a riot


I am no different than you

This is something that will be understood by a few

I am born and brought on this land

This community is my family and for what I stand


Stop shaming me and get a life

Because I am the nature’s pride

I try to reach out to you to stand up for us

Together we can stop all the fuss.


BRIEF OF THE DOCUMENT- This is a poem on the transgender community. Through this poem, I have tried to bring their everyday struggle on the surface and to tell people about their life who are totally oblivious of the reality.


Tarushi Goel is a second-year law student (BALLB) at O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana.


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