The tip of my pen does not write the words I feel,

I end up writing a dozen times- I love you, I love you.

I wonder if these three words explain my feelings enough.

As I hold you close every night,

I wonder if I am still close enough.

As this heteronormative world with its rules of love encloses us,

I wonder if our rebellion will be enough.

We transcend the boundaries of “natural” each time we have sex.

They question our definition of sex,

For them, somehow our orgasms are not enough.

They claim our love is temporary,

It will break apart as the society builds its homophobia against us,

The numbered days are enough,

To experience a life of togetherness, the rest we will live.

For now, I know we are enough,

For later, I know the ‘now’ was enough.

I hope the they realize we deserve more than just enough.

[This post was contributed under the pen name Wallflower.]

Feature Image Credits: Raphael Perez Israeli Artist,Flickr.

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