Don’t Divide the Colours of Pride


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The universe as a whole,
is but an ocean of immortality,
with various gems and priceless stones,
floating in the cosmos defying gravity.

Our planet amongst the crores,
is another renowned yet claimed shore,
which is a consortium,
of creatures, dust, marine, magic, and more.

But then came divide,
to save the pseudo honour of the lost pride,
and under these labels, the criminals hide,
framing regulations to which they themselves couldn’t abide,
and when the carefree chose to override,
they hit those sand castles like a thunder tide,
the warriors rose beyond the divide!

Gender, colour, cast and status,
the tags were created only to split us,
when all were one and one was the whole,
why did we start fighting to take control?

Teaching the nascent to count colours of the rainbow,
preaching the innocent only about the black coal and the white snow,
some seeds that were sown, rot inside but continue to grow,
poisoning the other shades, demolishing the tomorrow.

To love is more than your birthright,
to express should only be a concern of unbiased delight,
let’s break through these boundaries,
and include all colours of pride,
appreciate the essence of love,
teach one another to spread this love worldwide!

Gender is a cloth, your identity is indeed the soul,
love knows no language, fails to differentiate, uniting one and all,
love knows no cowardice, takes its stand, doesn’t care about an unnecessary brawl,
love is bravery, embraces every free fall.

Smiles are precious,
all hearts bleed red,
divided we thrive,
united we can walk ahead!



This poem was contributed by BijayaLaxmi Das, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad.

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