Bringing Down The Ivory Tower

What crime did a Transgender do? Imagine living in a body that isn’t you.

Fundamental rights and entitlements apply to us too,

Humiliation and marginalization because we’re just a minoritized few?

Lying in wait for a raging storm to build and brew,

That’ll uproot and destroy our conservative and outdated roots.

Stigmatizing, stereotyping and othering is what we eschew,

We too are “normal” citizens of this world that deserve equal recognition just like you.

Merely scraping by as a voiceless rebellion in times so blue,

Holding onto a fight for a “Third gender”, a cause so noble and true.

What test do we have to pass? what is left to prove?

Why do we never seem to fulfill the eligibility to get our due?

Despite the rejection and dejection that from our “unnatural” behaviors ensue,

We carry a flickering hope for a world accepting and new.

[This post was contributed by Shylla Sawhney, law student, Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat.]

Featured Image: Credits: Wikimedia commons.

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