About Us

We are proud to announce the launch of our magazine – Maya”.

[Maya –  ‘love’ in Nepali, ‘courage and bravery’ (Maia) in Maori, ‘illusion’ in Sanskrit]

Maya is an initiative of the LGBTQI community of O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat. We aim to serve as a platform for queer visibility and engagement. We wish to generate awareness about gender and sexuality, and at the same time become aware of the uncharted territories of non-conformity. We are here to represent you, at the same time be represented by your voices, writings, art and photography. We hope to reflect upon the past, challenge the present and drive the future. We are into the stories of activism, the exhilaration of coming out, the struggle of closeted living, the complications of self-identity, or even the mundane experiences of ordinary life, and beyond.

So what is your story? We are listening.

Our Team

The editorial team of Maya consists of  six students Prakhya CV, Kshitij Dua, Muskan Tibrewala, Muskaan Gupta, Nimrat Dhillon and Arya Deshmukh students of O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat.

Arya Deshmukh

Arya Deshmukh, Web Developer

Kshitij Dua

Kshitij Dua, Content Editor

Muskaan Gupta

Muskaan Gupta, Creative and Social Media Editor

Muskan Tibrewala

Muskan Tibrewala, Creative and Social Media Editor

Nimrat Kaur Dhillon

Nimrat Kaur Dhillon, Content Editor

Prakhya CV

Prakhya CV, Content Editor

Founding Editorial Team 

Aishwarya Singh

Aishwarya Singh

Meenakshi Ramkumar

Meenakshi Rajkumar

Mishika Chowdhary

Mishika Chowdhary

Q (Srivatsan Manivannan)

Q (Sritavtsan Manivannan)

Disclaimer: Maya is a student run magazine. The opinions expressed on the website posts are personal opinions of the authors. The facts and opinions appearing in the posts do not reflect the views of the Editorial Board of Maya or O.P. Jindal Global University.